How to Love an Addict (Without Losing Yourself)

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Support your loved one in their recovery.

It is so important for your loved one to know that you fully support their recovery attempts, and I say attempts because very often, it will take more than one for them to turn their life around.

Set healthy boundaries.

There is a big difference between supporting someone with addiction and enabling them, but the two often get muddled, so it’s imperative to set boundaries with your loved one to ensure that your relationship remains a healthy one and that you aren’t hindering them in their recovery.

Remember, your loved one is not their addiction.

If you are close to anyone who has battled addiction, you know how it can change a person. When you live a life that revolves around finding your next fix, you become desperate to make sure you get that fix. You might lie, steal, and manipulate to get what you want.

Hold your loved one accountable.

Having an accountability partner is key to success in all things, whether that be work or health goals or trying to break a bad habit, but especially in sobriety. Someone who holds us accountable can offer support and motivation, share insight, and help us keep our word and stay on track.

Continue living your life.

One of the most difficult things about supporting a loved one who struggles with addiction is not allowing yourself to be dragged down in the battle. It’s so easy to become wrapped up in the drama, that it becomes your drama, and you can’t let that happen.

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